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The sky is still the same, the water is still the same, but on this desert and under this horizon, there are no more of that person.

I love you, Murong Yu, and I will never betray that, with the heaven and the earth as witness and the sun and the moon as proof.

Let him be engraved in my heart, for this life and all the ones to come and never fade away.

The fleeting twenty years of my life has brought me so much upheaval but to me, his embrace is eternal.

"May we meet again in the next life and never be apart." I take his hand an look into his eyes with tears in mine. "And may we join hands in this life and regard the beauty of this land."

As much as this world is large, as much as nature is beautiful; for the rest of my life, there will only be one in Han Xin'...

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