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  • run at least two miles
  • drink a cup of tea
  • snuggle with rosie
  • find my squishy pillow
  • tuck the covers under my feet and sometimes both sides
  • listen to music, an audiobook, or watch a show or something
  • read at least 100 pages of my book
  • drink a cup of ice water
  • cover the lights on my laptop and laptop charger
  • go around the entire house with the light of my cellphone or ipod to make sure that there isn't anything creepy hiding in a corner
  • roll around a lot
  • thinkthinkthink
  • listen to whatever sleep playlist i am currently addicted to
    • sometimes i make a new one every night (or morning) before i go to sleep
sep 6 2009 ∞
nov 24 2009 +