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dude i need to think of things that AREN'T aquatic. >>

  • squid with suction cup buttons
  • squirrel with sequins for eyes? or maybe feathers or something pwetty on its tail.
  • deer with pipe cleaner antlers or something cute like that
  • spider with ... something. idk. becka will have to do this.
  • owl!!! with glasses? or a pocketwatch or a pipe or something awesome like that.
  • ladybug with sequins for the spots.
  • rhino?
  • elephant! with a really short trunk or something silly like that.
  • venus fly trap.
  • jelly fish~ with like sheer fabric or something since they are usually transparent.
  • clam?
  • fox
  • moose with things hanging from its antlers? like ... charms?
  • earthworm that does something interesting. like a secretary worm or something amazing like that.
  • hedgehog with ?? for spines.
  • porcupine with rainbow quills.
  • butterfly with a spoon for a body (ty jazzi <3)
nov 16 2009 ∞
nov 17 2009 +