• mass effect
  • dragon age
  • borderlands
  • the witcher (tv and game)


  • the fast and the furious franchise
  • the step up franchise
  • star wars
  • pacific rim
  • mad max (esp fury road)
  • the riddick franchise
  • john wick
  • anything starring jason statham, vin diesel, or dwayne johnson
  • horror movies in general


  • leverage
  • the magicians
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mar 29 2020 +


  • ASAHI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • lev
  • kenma
  • daichi
  • sugawara
  • iwaizumi
  • bokuto
  • aone
  • kuroo

main pairings:

  • asahi/daichi
  • lev/kenma
  • kenma/kuroo
  • oikawa/iwaizumi
  • yachi/kiyoko
  • bokuto/kuroo
  • kenma/hinata
  • aone/hinata

lesser pairings:

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  • found families
  • friendships!!
  • no really the types of friendships where they love each other so much they'll do rly stupid reckless things for each other
  • GIRLS!!!!!!! even if a cast is mostly dudes, GIRLS.
  • friends to lovers, didn't know they were dating, bickering like a married couple
  • negotiating a new angle to a relationship (friends figuring out kissing, a couple adding a third)
  • soulmates, soulmarks, red string of fate, but particularly if it approaches it in a different way, ie established relationships, platonic soulmates, etc
  • teamwork!! especially on a team or at a show or on a heist
  • just loyalty kink in general
  • hurt/comfort
jan 28 2016 ∞
mar 30 2020 +


  • female shepard, mostly
  • vanguard/sentinel life
  • gen fic is My Jam
  • here for the themes of Doing The Right Thing and how being kind is good for its own sake but also!! can pay off later (ie how being nice to people in earlier games results in war assets in 3)
  • also super into people finding ways to stay connected under the threat of the world ending
  • i just really like space and friends and people getting in firefights together


  • shep herself
  • garrus
  • wrex
  • jack
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dec 7 2018 +


  • i fucking LOVE geralt as a character. i love his struggles and strength and how he pretends he's a ~lone wolf~ when he's really got a whole army of friends all over the place bc he always goes out of his way to do kind things.
  • i really love the friendships in the witcher!! the hansa (RIP) but also jaskier and zoltan and geralt's witcher bros, but also yennefer and ciri and triss (despite how canon did triss DIRTY)
  • i love the ambiguity of the world, the weight of choices and how sometimes, there isn't any real good solution and it's just something you have to deal with.
  • also?? good dad geralt is my LIFEBLOOD. as far as i'm concerned, witcher ciri is my canon.
  • also so many of the side villains are SO GOOD. gaunter o'dimm?? dijkstra??
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mar 31 2020 +

general favs:

  • sarcastic hawke
  • warrior trevelyan
  • rogue cadash
  • i prefer women pcs in general, except where relevant (ie finquisitor/dorian is gross)
  • here for the dilemma of putting the Greater Good above what you want, for figuring out how to relearn how to live without a war going on
  • also i'm just. always here for friendships. for people choosing to follow someone because they trust them, not bc they believe in a cause. for people finding a cause. also for goofy shit like teamwork to pull a prank or conspiring to make someone take a nap. stuff like that.


  • alistair
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jan 7 2019 +


  • sex with feelings
  • tenderness, physical intimacy
  • holding someone down (but not particularly restraints)
  • sensory overload/overstimulation, multiple orgasms, begging, desperation
  • body worship, praise kink
  • men who get off on giving oral
  • switches, big masc types getting fucked
  • one partner teaching the other what they like/something new
  • friendly competition in sex
  • marking, bruising, hair pulling (all consensual)
  • sex pollen/fuck or suffer consequences/a/b/o but only when it's clear it's consensual/all parties are into it
  • fingering, penetration in general
  • large cocks
  • messy sex, come play, come inflation
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