Some of these aren't fun and I apologize about that.

  • 1.) I'm mostly Filipino, but I also have Chinese, Japanese, and Spanish descent. I don't think I'm white at all.
  • 2.) I actually dye my hair brown. I think that having it lighter gives me kind of an edge, even though it's not much.
  • 3.) I am an epic cartoon fan (although you probably knew that about me.)
  • 4.) I began to learn how to read at the age of about two-and-a-half but didn't start reading actual kids' books until the age of three.
  • 5.) If you've never seen me before, I am a top contributor on the adolescent section of Yahoo! Answers and I'm pretty well known around there. :)
  • 6.) I own a SpongeBob SquarePants peewee pillow pet.
  • 7.) I have seen every SpongeBob SquarePants episode that matters. (Basically, I've seen seasons 1-3 multiple times, and sometimes some of the newer ones.)
  • 8.) I adore teased hairstyles from the 80's.
  • 9.) I've lived in America for basically my whole life and all I can speak is English. I'm pretty good at speaking (and spelling) it, though.
  • 10.) My Myer-Briggs personality type is ESTJ.
  • 11.) I am very blunt. That may annoy some of you people, and I apologize.
  • 12.) I am incredibly irascible and I get irritated about the simplest things.
  • 13.) I have created over ten YouTube accounts throughout my lifetime, but I only know the passwords to three.
  • 14.) I show obsessive-compulsive-like tendencies along with mild Asperger's Syndrome. I've never been tested for either.
  • 15.) I find picking my nose quite calming. Don't worry, I always wash my hands after doing so.
  • 16.) My favorite colors are blue and black. (This isn't fun, but it's something that I love to share.)
  • 17.) I don't like stepping outside my box of logic to become creative. I think that black and white eases me more than anything in color.
  • 18.) My name isn't Mike Chandler... ;)
  • 19.) I'm a shy guy, but I unleash my wackiness on the internet.
  • 20.) Basically, all of you know more about me after reading this list than my classmates and even my one close friend.
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