• 1.) I'm thirteen years old. :O (I've been lying about my age and my name.)
  • 2.) I am Filipino, Chinese, Spanish, and Japanese.
  • 3.) I hate having short hair because having hair touch my cheeks comforts me. I can't have my hair too long on the other hand, though.
  • 4.) I need things done my way in group projects or else I freak out.
  • 5.) I am currently addicted to the game Papa's Freezeria on Cool Math Games.
  • 6.) I've never broken a bone in my entire life.
  • 7.) I've read the entire Twilight series as a fifth grader.
  • 8.) I like owning whole albums, but I don't have a reason why.
  • 9.) I really dislike looking people in the eyes when I talk, but I can manage to do so from time to time.
  • 10.) I chew three pieces of gum a day on average.
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