• kirkland brand toilet paper (great value, not too thin but not all quilted either)
  • rotisserie chicken (3.99!!! now thats a deal!)
  • dried apricots
  • dannon activia (bifidis cultures is whats up)
  • mountain style plain yogurt (i eat a lot so i need help with digestion)
  • spam (mauwhuwhauwahwauhauhaua)
  • kiwis (furry fruit, mother nature is funny)
  • multigrain bread
  • carrots
  • calistoga mineral water
  • tolberone
  • 1.75liter bottle of dewars blended scotch whiskey
nov 7 2006 ∞
nov 7 2006 +
user picture jenz: the fact that this is combined is the worst diet ever (if you were to consume it in one sitting of course), and that it all came from the store effing rules. nov 7 2006
user picture 12joy: why must u have 2 kines of yogurt? nov 8 2006
user picture Lulu: Hey.. I was thinking about getting Activia. Does it really work? nov 9 2006
user picture Lulu: FYI: DId you know that in order to grow Kiwi's from a Kiwi tree there has to be 2 of them for cross-pollination? I didn't know that till the dude at the farmer's market told me.