• sort records, lots and lots of records, this is never ending and i am beginning to think i should have insomnia more to get this done
  • clean, swiffer, do dishes, use scrubbing bubbles
  • watch infomercials (the colon one comes to mind)
  • listen to my ipod as i stare blankly at my ceiling fan while desperately trying to get some sleep
  • count my socks, i have enough to last me 37days and i dont have any missing ones either (go mom!)
  • reorganize my fridge in case mtv cribs shows up
  • toss & turn
  • if the wifi is on, the internet
  • drink booze
jul 17 2006 ∞
jul 17 2006 +
user picture bardot: you have a lot of socks. jul 17 2006
user picture Olga: MTV cribs. Good thinking. You forgot to mention that you flip the swiffer over for another use.
user picture Abnay: So you watch informercials... yeah, now that's a funny thing to do when one has insomnia. oct 5 2006