• how to bullshit
  • how to meet deadlines
  • signing up for a credit card for a free t-shirt that ended up being rags to wash the car with, was in hindsight a very bad idea
  • going to the campus pub before your 3-5pm class makes things so much more bearable
  • never take a class that meets for more then 3days a week or on fridays
  • you CAN finish a 15 page research paper on the sociological impact of the state lottery systems on the socio-economically disadvantaged the morning it is due
  • MGD's rock (on a budget)
  • no one likes having to buy toilet paper
  • buying required/recommended books is a waste since you probably wont read them anyways
  • dont take out loans that you really dont need and dont blow it on booze and steak dinners
jul 18 2006 ∞
jul 18 2006 +
user picture bardot: i don't know what you're talking about. i completed my essays before their due date... NOT. i admit it- i used to steal toliet paper from the dorms. jul 18 2006
user picture Lulu: buying toilet paper sucks. You either don't have alot of room so you buy the small package and you ahve to buy it everytime you go to the store.. or your stuck buying the super max pack and not having anywhere to put it.... stealing toilet paper is a good idea.. too bad the one at my school is too lame and thin to steal.
user picture rich: my roomates once wasted 12 rolls tp'ing my car but couldnt buy a roll to wipe their asses! jul 19 2006