movies i saw over 2 days in nyc and 2 day in sj.

  • no country for old men (really good, javier bardem is a badass and one scary dude)
  • michael clayton (surprisingly good, not to be confused with the tampa bay buccaneers wide receiver)
  • gone baby gone (OMAR indeed! decent)
  • love in the time of cholera (wack. wick wick wack! worst dialogue ever)
  • lars and the real girl (yeah soft as fuck but good as hell. ryan gosling is a real actor)
  • into the wild (really long. good but really long)
  • lions for lambs (ehhh)
  • american gangster (i wanted to like this but it seemed like a lot of the movie was left on the cutting room floor)
  • juno (this was good and I am in love with ellen page)
  • there will be blood (daniel day lewis was fantastic, i cant decide if no country for old men was better though)
  • kite runner (this sucked, they could have used some narration to help it along, im sure people who did not read the book were confused)
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