places i get my coffee/legal addictive stimulant

  • i brews my own shit baby! grind them beans and french percolate that shit and drink it all in, oh yeah drink it in.
  • 7-11 yeah whatever haters hate on but for a quick fix it cant be beat.
  • mcdonalds, youd be surprised how solid a cup they make, they brew constantly and now theyve upped their shit to premium!
  • dunkin donuts, oh what i would do for a simple regular joe cup of coffee and a donut every morning before heading out to my job on the construction site. hahaha wait i work in social service.
  • peets, the major dickason blend is awesome and they are slowly making a presence around town.
  • coffee bean & tea leaf, i only rock the vanilla ice blended so i figure if thats good so should the coffee.
  • any ole mom and pop coffee shop, these are far and few these days.
  • starbucks, when shit hits the fan and i am in dire straits, they are fucking everywhere. i mean you cant escape it, im waiting for them to open up a kiosk in fucking ranch99 market but hell what can you do.
nov 9 2006 ∞
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