• ween off the coffee (easy in the summer, hard in the winter)
  • eat less meat (seriously, at 26, i doubt my body can process half a pound of bacon anymore)
  • more veggies (leafy greens, cruciferous veggies, fiber)
  • quit the diet coke addiction!!! (man, there is something definately sinister in it)
  • eat more fish
  • continue to reverse centuries of genetic defect and become lactose tolerant
  • try to eat a live squid, head and all in one bite ala oldboy
  • um how about in general eat less hahaha
jul 27 2006 ∞
jul 27 2006 +
user picture bardot: #7- EWWWWWWW. why squid? they are your friends!!! and by "diet" you mean "dietary lifestyle change". jul 27 2006
user picture Olga: 4. You won't get much support from me on this one :( jul 28 2006