• wow, this is what it must have felt like to be part of the Fellowship of the Rings.
  • i hope the traffic dies down.
  • work sucks.
  • i wonder if someone will break into my car.
  • those are some huge cow shits!
  • what should we eat afterwards.
  • how far is the summit?
  • damn, lets take this shortcut.
  • are we there yet?
  • theres a grip of people here.
  • this view is overrated.
  • i think i see hammer's house.
  • fuck, we got to walk down now?
  • wheres the shuttle?
  • im so thirsty.
  • do cows chase after people?
  • bring the camelpak next time.
  • im getting dizzy.
  • so damn thirsty!
  • my hammy's twinging.
  • repeat on thursday.
aug 23 2006 ∞
aug 31 2006 +
user picture bardot: i like how #5 and #6 are next to each other. aug 23 2006
user picture diane: the moons over my hammy is always special. aug 24 2006
user picture bardot: you totally ruined my previous comment by editing the list! aug 30 2006
user picture rich: i aim to please. aug 31 2006