• broke the garage so all 6 cars were parked on the streets which isnt so bad considering it was irvine but the lease had only 3 of us on it.
  • never did dishes. after a period of time of having to do them in the bathroom sink, i left a sign that said 'dont be a crackhead do your dishes' which ruffled some feathers, sensitive bitches do your dishes.
  • damn bible study & religious groups. if you were so damn holy, youd wash your dishes and pay the rent on time.
  • would use up all the toilet paper but never buy any!!!
  • never paid rent or the bills on time! c'mon!!! one of my roomates, was notorious for it, we'd leave the bills on the steps on the stairwell so the only way to get upstairs without stepping on the bills was to leap 5 steps, suffice to say, that didnt work.
  • leave empty bottles in the fridge... hello? theres 6 of us sometimes 7, and we have 1 fridge... your huge styrofoam container with one eggroll doesnt help matters.
  • one of them once used regular dishwashing soap for the dishwasher. dumbass.
  • stupid broken down pool table that filled the kitchen area, you couldnt even get a decent shot off, the table was tilted, the felt was rippled and you rented a truck to transport this thing!!!
  • lack of common sense.
jul 20 2006 ∞
jul 20 2006 +
user picture Olga: #3 - Hahaha. #8 - well it's not officially a bachelor pad without one of those dawg.. or #2. jul 20 2006
user picture tisha: #3 - isnt cleanliness next to godliness?
user picture bardot: god that's just plain horrible! ditto on #2.