• drivers license
  • washington mutual atm card
  • american express costco card
  • citibank card with a picture of me grinning taken over dinner with family after i graduated from colegio
  • united mastercard
  • UCI student ID from 2000
  • $5 coldstone gift certificate
  • AMC movie theatres gift certificate, did you know you can get 2 passes for 15bucks at costco? no restrictions either
  • rasputins discount card, i actually dont know why this is in here but id rather keep it on me then find myself without and having to pay the extra 18ยข
  • whole foods sandwich card
  • a few dollars, 18 to be exact
  • notice no receipts, no movie ticket stubs from 1998, no business cards, no bullshit.
jul 22 2006 ∞
jul 22 2006 +
user picture diane: can i have the coldstone gc? jul 24 2006
user picture Olga: 8. I did know. But I forgot. Thanks for the reminder.