• Halle Berry @ Pink's Hot Dogs 2000 w/ bitch ass Eric Benet
  • Bruce Willis @ Serendipity NY
  • Brian Austin Green @ some cafe in LA
  • Vanessa Marcel beefin' w/ Brian Austin Green @ some cafe in LA
  • Eric Benet @ the Oakland Airport (dude!)
  • Kirsten Dunst @ LAX
  • Minnie Driver @ JFK
  • David Bowie w/ his daughter in NYC
  • Eric Benet again @ LAX (this f8cker must be stalking me)
  • Sinbad @ LAX boarding an America West flight to Phoenix
  • Cory Blount formerly of the Bulls & Lakers @ Roscoe's Chicken & Waffle off Pico Blvd.
  • shit im blanking on some other folls i've seen at the Beverly Center and in NYC...
jul 17 2006 ∞
jul 17 2006 +
user picture Olga: Damn yo. jul 17 2006
user picture tisha: gross, kirsten dunst i was going to log into myspace via bypassit.net and leave you a stellar comment, alas it didnt work :( for what its worth at least the login page loaded; i couldnt even get that far before