• wow this sucks.
  • yeah i know some people commute from effin los banos to the city but i dont care, i had a gad damn 10 minute commute and now i watch the today show to see what mike inoue says about the traffic to shave off minutes on my 30 minute commute. bleh.
  • i need a bigger commuter cup.
  • my car is a piece of shart.
  • the alviso near milpitas smells like ass.
  • should i try taqueria 'EL URGE' or the other one closer to work today?
  • i need a new my shaldan air freshener, lime or gardenia, hmmm decisions.
  • its only wednesday and ive put almost 200 miles on the car already.
  • kevan barlow is a weak ass running back.
  • one of my aunts is crazy.
  • to be continued...
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