• its all freaking mind games, waiting for the other to break.
  • what do you mean the cars in an auxillary lot?
  • it takes forever, scan the barcode and let me get out of here.
  • shit, next time bring food & drinks, maybe a tent & sleeping bags.
  • car salespeople are fake fucks!
  • does it really take an hour to run my credit?
  • motherfucker i know what MSRP is!
  • your non-dairy creamer for the coffee sucks.
  • dont go ask your boss about the price when in reality your taking a shit or talking to the secretary.
  • dont hate me cause im paying cash.
  • undercoating? fuck you and your undercoating!
  • dont try and charge me for floormats asshole.
  • to be continued...
aug 20 2006 ∞
aug 20 2006 +
user picture Olga: Man that sucks. Bring burritos next time. aug 21 2006
user picture bardot: high roller with #10.