• my newly acquired cowbell! blue oyster cult anyone?
  • fitness ball (have you seen my gut lately?)
  • the bike in the kitchen
  • the newspaper cutout from my college years of a robinsons-may advertisement of a dress (dont judge dont ask)
  • secret squirrel bobblehead
  • darth vader mr. potato head!
  • KPM (korean power medallion)
  • the stack of magazines in my bathroom
  • flashlights
  • goodwill finds (boombox, playskool tape recorder/mic, sesame street portable record player, jean-luc picard action figure)
jul 16 2006 ∞
jul 16 2006 +
user picture bardot: i don't think it's weird. well, sorta kinda. jul 16 2006
user picture rich: are you referring to #4?
user picture bardot: #5. and #7. oh, and #9.