• HYPHY (i think this one would have gone over well but alas i flaked ha!)
  • kim jong il (no brainer)
  • andre 3000 (think football pads, golf pants, a boa and fedora)
  • somebody from the Warriors (the movie) (perhaps baseball fury?)
  • hmmmm i guess have 365days to think about it now.
  • frodo/aragorn/gandalf/legolas (thanks for the ideas but it may be blaspehmous to go as a character from the greatest trilogy EVAR)
nov 1 2006 ∞
nov 1 2006 +
user picture Olga: rapper!!!, something from LOTR, a burrito, a Nike shoe... nov 1 2006
user picture bardot: #6 is soo blasphemous. i still you should go as the skipper, captain.