• talladega nights: the battle of ricky bobby (this was excellent!)
  • miami vice (shoot'em bang bang!)
  • monster house (surprisingly scary for a pg animated kids flick)
  • inconvenient truth (al gore is the truth, essential watching)
  • pirates of the caribbean: dead mans chest (ehhh)
  • cars (pretty good, the steve jobs effect)
  • clerks 2 (hahaha decent)
  • da vinci code (bleh)
  • x-men 3: the last stand (more wolverine please)
  • nacho libre anybody?
aug 6 2006 ∞
aug 6 2006 +
user picture Lulu: i've seen nacho libre, cars and xmen 3. I liked all of those. I really, really, really want to see talladega nights! aug 7 2006
user picture 12joy: 3/10 for me. aren't u supposed to be working friday afternoons?
user picture bardot: you really saw "monster house"??? i wanted to see that!
user picture diane: i have only seen superman 3. i want to see talladega nights, pirates, clerks and little miss sunshine. please help. -leeloo dallas aug 8 2006