• subaru outback legacy (station wagon and cheaper than the forester. l.l.bean edition? hmmm)
  • subaru forester (apparently its the car of choice amongst lesbians, all wheel drive, part suv part station wagon, bueno!)
  • honda odyssey touring edition (this shit is sweet, side running boards and a roof rack, round up the kids, were going to soccer practice!)
  • toyota sienna (this mini van gets the nod for all wheel drive, not as pretty as the odyssey but muy functional and safe)
  • volvo xc70 (cross country station wagon, fuck yeah)
  • toyota tacoma trd (always wanted a truck, if i do get one and you happen to be moving, sorry im busy that weekend, hahaha)
  • chevrolet el camino (circa 5th generation, 1975 - 1981, its a car, wait its a truck, no folks its both!)
jul 27 2006 ∞
aug 20 2006 +
user picture Olga: 4. Are we that old already ? *Sigh* jul 28 2006
user picture bardot: #2 - really? a minivan?