• Los Pericos Taqueria (off Campbell Ave. I probably eat here at least 3 times a month, 4 times already this week)
  • Tres Portrillos (Sunnyvale off Fair Oaks & Duane, best Carnitas and chips)
  • Eduardo's Taquera (hole in the wall on WInchester Ave, behind the McDonalds near Hamilton Ave. great meats)
  • La Victoria (they fell off and so did the orange sauce but still solid at 2am)
  • R.I.P. Iguana's (a taqueria that finally put it all together only to have its life cut chort by a lost lease, they had a hot spicy smoky sauce thjat was putting a hurting on la vic's orange sauce, a dream deferred)

Honorable Mentions: La Costena, they didnt get best of Mnt. View like 5 years in a row for nothing, Los Charros, hella cheap and hella good.

jul 27 2006 ∞
jul 27 2006 +
user picture Lulu: mmm1 Thanks for the recommendations. they sound delish.. Olga and I just got done eating at La Vic! jul 27 2006
user picture diane: how the hell does los charros only get an honourable mention?! you're right about the chips at tres portrillos, though. mm mm good. jul 28 2006
user picture Olga: Dude I've been waiting for this list!!!