I'm doing this for right now, as in, I don't live in the same country as any of my friends or family.

  • Internet connection. My source for american media and keeping in touch with everyone, which sadly, right now is my only form of entertainment.
  • Torrent sites. Yeah, I feel guilty, I'm stealing, but Netflix isn't much of an option over here, and the 3 movies that are showing here in english, aren't exactly the newest.
  • Bandanas. Enjoy that sweat in your face in the 95% humidity. Yum.
  • Deodorant. See above.
  • My world traveler hippy shirt. It's this special material that doesn't soak up moisture and miraculously doesn't get stinky. It also has four pockets. It's so tourist, but I don't care- it's a Godsend.
  • My mom. She pays all my bills for me, and handles all my mail. Being young and independent was nice, but not as nice as someone else doing all the things that would usually be causing all your stress. This allows me to concentrate on work, and (illegally downloaded) media at all times.
  • Music collection. Makes me feel most at home.
  • Camera gear. Cause I want to remember every aspect of this year of my life.
  • Skype. People can call me for free. Well. Free to them. $60/year for me.
  • Books. I'm finally reading all those books that I only planned to read "some day."
oct 22 2007 ∞
oct 22 2007 +