• Peeing on the carpet in the corner of my room when I woke up in the middle of the night. When I was younger, I shared a bathroom with my sister; it had two doors and she used to accidently leave my end of it locked overnight. Later, I started peeing in the sink.
  • Speeding. Since I realized it doesn't really get you there quicker, but just get to red lights quicker, and after a few tickets, it really hasn't been a problem. Also, when I had my motorcycle, I really enjoyed driving so much, that I didn't mind being on the street for longer.
  • Swearing. I thought it make me look cooler. Not I think it's really not classy.*Singing along with songs. I now realized that my mom has a great voice, and my dad did not. I inherited my father's genes on that one.
  • Buying brand name clothes, just because they're brand name. When I moved to Dominican Republic / Haiti, I only brought solid colored shirts. Not a single logo/brand name - amazingly, no one things more or less of me.
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