here's a good one. FYI - I do video/photography for a christian missionary support company in the dominican republic/haiti - I live with a family for three or four days at a time, and make a video about whatever work they do - usually some form of humanitarian thing. Likes:

  • The obvious - I'm helping out with people who are doing things that are very worthy causes.
  • I get to help out with the poor, the hungry, the sick, etc.
  • Its a job I feel God called me to - it's glorifying to Him.
  • I love the creative aspect.
  • I have a boss, but nobody telling me what to do.
  • I get to travel, see a new country, learn a new language.
  • I've come to appreciate a lot of things that I used to take for granted while living in the US.
  • I won't lie, the women here love american men. :)
  • Never working on the same project for more than a week.
  • Dislikes
  • How many friends do I have here? Between 0 and 1.
  • I have the fluency of about a four year old.
  • "I won't lie, the women here love american men." and I can't speak to them.
  • There are so unspoken moral agreements about working with a Christian company. I agree with all of them, but it's not fun to have guidelines about how to live your life.
  • I'm on the clock 24/7, except for when I'm sleeping.
  • Volunteer work, so a complete lack of a paycheck.
  • Working with lazy missionaries is the most frustrating thing. "200 people are sending you money, and you do what?"
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