the games i'm focusing on atm!! i bounce through stuff a lot and forget to go back to it sometimes, so i want to keep track of what i'm doing.

  • playing myself:
    • story of seasons: trio of towns
        • wooing either ford or wayne; unsure.
        • late fall, y1.
        • ford punch count is still 32.
    • fire emblem: awakening
        • file: alcippe(support bingo mu #8, file 12)
          • supports completed: all first gen!
          • second gen pairs: inigo/cynthia (of course), owain/nah (also of course), marc/noire or marc/severa, kjelle/lesbianism, brady/severa or yarne/severa (or marc), brady/noire (if no marc), laurent/lucina
    • fire emblem: the sacred stones (restoration queen edition)
        • a-support goals: l'arachel/eirika, vanessa/lute, artur/cormag, syrene/kyle, ephraim/forde, tana/marisa, ross + garcia
    • rune factory frontier
        • ditched my file months ago? i don't know her
        • marriage goal: rosetta
          • i am nowhere near close to that, or having the necessary lv50 medical skill
    • persona 5
        • current palace: 3rd -- just waiting on the change of heart!
        • probably going to date haru or hifumi
        • miss me w/ that "kawakami/ohya/fortune girl/takemi are romantic options" shit
        • i stopped playing for finals and never came back to it free me
    • pokemon: soul silver
        • team: typhlosion, ampharos, vaporeon, crobat, porygon-z, & mismagius!
        • badge count: 10
mar 30 2017 ∞
dec 22 2017 +