absolute favourites:

  • fire emblem (especially awakening, the tellius duology, & shadows of valentia)
    • i've played fe8, fe13, fe14, & fe15 myself!
    • i've read LPs of fe4, fe7, fe9, and fe10.
    • i know general plots and a lot of details for the others & i'm about halfway through fe12!
  • rune factory
    • my favourite game is tides of destiny! like. of all time. i love it.
  • pokemon
    • my favourite games are HGSS, BW2, and ORAS!
    • my favourite pokemon are roserade, pumpkaboo, and crobat!
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feb 1 2018 +
  • tumblr
  • doodle blog
  • livetweet acct
  • fankid acct
  • 8tracks
  • AO3
    • yes, my icon is a dragon in a bikini
  • RS username: doompumpkin
  • skype + discord are available upon request, if you want to chat!
  • my dms are open to anyone who ever wants to say hello! i can't... guarantee you'll get a quick response, since i'm unfortunately really forgetful, but i love talking to people.
  • the oceanicoperetta handle is not UFT, by the way!
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dec 22 2017 +

hi, i'm bri!! fun fact: it's short for gabrielle, not brianna.

  • 20
  • cis girl
  • i, am a lesbean
    • when will i get a cute girlfriend? perhaps someday
  • part time college student full time suburban pennsylvanian
    • i live in todd howard's hometown. i feel like that says a lot.
  • icon credit!
  • another fun fact to round this off: the "snape!" he nutted post broke my love live combo a total of sixteen times while it was circulating
  • Yee-haw! The name's Spinch! The horse's name is Spinch! They call us the Spinches!
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feb 17 2018 +

these are just some favoured pairings in things i like!! it's... mostly fire emblem. but this is just the kind of thing to look for in case i ever get on Ship Topics!

fire emblem: the tellius duology

    • tibarn/reyson (they're married)
    • ike/soren
    • jill/mist
    • astrid/heather
    • lucia/ilyana
    • oscar/kieran

fire emblem: awakening

    • cordelia/lissa (the big otp)
    • cynthia/inigo
    • cynthia/gerome
    • nah/owain
    • nah/severa
dec 22 2017 ∞
feb 1 2018 +

the list is kind of (really) long, but these are a bunch of characters i like the most from some things i like!

rune factory

    • maerwen (tides of destiny)
    • sonja (tides of destiny)
    • odette (tides of destiny)
    • raguna (rf1, frontier)
    • rosetta (rf1, frontier)
    • rosalind (rf2)
    • marian (rf3)
    • karina (rf3)
    • frey (rf4)
    • doug (rf4)

fire emblem: genealogy of the holy war

    • tine
    • tailtiu
    • lachesis
jan 22 2017 ∞
jan 22 2018 +

the games i'm focusing on atm!! i bounce through stuff a lot and forget to go back to it sometimes, so i want to keep track of what i'm doing.

  • playing myself:
    • story of seasons: trio of towns
        • wooing either ford or wayne; unsure.
        • late fall, y1.
        • ford punch count is still 32.
    • fire emblem: awakening
        • file: alcippe(support bingo mu #8, file 12)
          • supports completed: all first gen!
          • second gen pairs: inigo/cynthia (of course), owain/nah (also of course), marc/noir...
mar 30 2017 ∞
dec 22 2017 +