absolute favourites:

  • fire emblem (especially awakening, the tellius duology, & shadows of valentia)
    • i've played fe8, fe13, fe14, & fe15 myself!
    • i've read LPs of fe4, fe7, fe9, and fe10.
    • i know general plots and a lot of details for the others & i'm about halfway through fe12!
  • rune factory
    • my favourite game is tides of destiny! like. of all time. i love it.
  • pokemon
    • my favourite games are HGSS, BW2, and ORAS!
    • my favourite pokemon are roserade, pumpkaboo, and crobat!
  • the nancy drew games
    • midnight in salem wya
  • runescape, unfortunately
  • love nikki
  • love live! (school idol project, sunshine, SIF)
    • my SIF name is "bepsi cola"! lmk if you ever find me
  • the world ends with you
  • ghost trick
  • the sexy brutale

things that aren't Favourite-Tier but i love them and i tweet abt them a good bit when you get me going:

  • zero escape
    • i loved ztd even though it's a mess in like 500 ways my apolobris
  • bokujou monogatari / story of seasons / harvest moon
    • top 3 favs are animal parade, magical melody, & tree of tranquility
    • ford punch count: 32.
  • stardew valley
  • the ace attorney series
  • houseki no kuni
  • splatoon

things i don't tweet about much at all but am particularly fond of all the same:

  • sailor moon
  • ultra maniac
  • mob psycho 100
  • hatoful boyfriend
  • persona
    • my current game order out of the ones i've played / seen is p2 > p4 > p3. will update when i finish p5. maybe one day, p1
  • animal crossing
    • acnl especially but i also love acgc
  • danganronpa, unfortunately
  • bratz, unironically
  • the arcana
  • cuphead
  • rollercoaster tycoon
  • the sims
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