• nicole
  • she/her / bi
  • 20 / i share a birthday with cix
  • (southeast asian) chinese / studying in the uk
  • 中文OK!, learning spanish + korean
  • isfp, cancer ☼ / scorpio ☾ / aries ⇡

do not follow if

  • you fit the typical dfi criteria
  • you're a troll / love drama/fanwars and ur just all round bad vibes
  • you dont have a carrd/any info on ur profile
  • you're younger than 17 i will not fb (current mutuals are fine)
  • you rt:
      • tweets like 'rt or else _' / 'rt for _'
      • jumpscares

byf / when interacting with me

please tag

  • general tws (racism, homophobia etc)
  • explicit nsfw content (ie media)
  • animal abuse
  • irl gore
  • insects (especially butterflies)

i usually tag general tws but if mutuals need anything else tagged, do let me know!

do NOT quote my tweets with nsfw comments (if im unlocked) it makes me really uncomfortable

(when locked) requests are welcome!! however if you're not active OR we have no similar interests OR associated with certain people on twitter i probably won't accept your request

if you don't interact with my tweets, i might softblock (nothing personal!)

softblock if you have me muted OR if you're unfollowing (or i will block you i am not ur fan)

i am into other groups that arent listed in my faves, i might tweet about them occasionally

i delete tweets/rts sometimes just because

i also rt a lot (feel free to turn them off)

i tend to be inactive on main at times, usually hiding out on my priv or off twitter completely

feel free to dm me anytime if we're mutuals!!! (sometimes i get overwhelmed and can take a while to reply.. please dont take this personally ;_; )

if we've interacted a few times before and are friends, feel free to ask for my priv too!!


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