a lot of things really cook my bacon!

  • anyone over the age of 13 who hasn't yet grasped the concept of "you're" vs. "your." it freaks me out that people are allowed to graduate from high school without being able to differentiate.
  • women who can't walk in high heels, yet insist on wearing high heels. wearing flats is far more attractive than stumping around like your ankles are crying out for mercy with every step.
  • license plate frames and bumper stickers meant to make you feel bad about not being a Christian. extra points go to those "praying Calvin" stickers. (normally I also hate the "Calvin peeing on _______" stickers, but I would make an exception for a sticker of Calvin peeing on Calvin praying.)
  • anime. the only thing worse than anime is diehard anime fans.
  • people who think it is acceptable to wear what are essentially pajamas in public. it's one thing if you are ill (but even then, it's not going to kill you to put on a pair of jeans for your run to the pharmacy), but the majority of people who you see oot and aboot in their ratty sweatpants are functionally healthy, which means they are just lazy.
  • CROCS. CROCS ARE FUCKING PLASTIC SHOES FOR BABIES. I don't care how comfortable they are. you can buy shoes that are equally comfortable that don't make you look like you stepped out of a Fisher Price playset.
  • when complete strangers think that my tattoos are an open invitation to touch me without asking! until I get a tattoo that says "by all means, please invade my personal space, I LIKE THAT," don't fucking touch my inner arm unless I know you.
  • feminists who invalidate other feminists for having different points of view.
  • getting attached to things on Ebay before the auction is over and ending up bidding way more than you can afford for something just because you already decided it's yours!
  • $30 overdraft fees at the bank. that's just a little ridiculous.
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