• thrown out of a Waffle House for fighting with another customer, outside Atlanta, Georgia.
  • drunkenly caused best friend to fall off a bicycle at high speed and then laughed about it, Corolla, North Carolina.
  • refused entry to a bar for being too drunk, Flagstaff, Arizona.
  • got out of a taxi way too soon and ended up walking in 5" heels two miles down the Strip at 4:00 AM, Las Vegas, Nevada.
  • unfairly titillated adolescent classmate for duration of 10-day trip at 15, Italy and Greece.
  • skipped out on bus fare, Hamilton, Bermuda.
  • set fire (quickly extinguished) to motel bedspread while smoking a joint, Seattle, Washington.
  • made out with underage boy, Atlanta, Georgia.
  • stole Motley Crue lighter from a gas station in the pouring rain, Jacksonville, Florida.
  • got into aggressive screaming match with rednecks in parking lot, Marysville, California.
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