• people on the phone who are under the impression that I am personally keeping them from speaking to someone, when the case is simply that that someone is not in the office
  • anyone who responds to the simple, polite, and entirely-to-b-expected query "may I ask who's calling?" with "yes, you may."
  • overly friendly delivery people making comments that are clearly inappropirate
  • being blamed for the high cost of office supplies when I am only ordering what other people have requested
  • people who don't figure out who they need to talk to BEFORE they call the office
  • being asked to finish typing something or to send something out at 4:55 PM
  • having to cover up my tattoos
  • taking peoples' deliveries back to their desks because they're too lazy to pick them up themselves
  • people who insist on holding for someone who is obviously not going to become available within the next few minutes
  • always having to be perky and personable
  • being responsible for everyone else's mistakes, all the time
jan 28 2008 ∞
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