• the weakest at betting
  • horrible at rock, paper, scissors
  • known for always using a polite and refined language and is a man who “keeps on the straight and narrow”
  • was class president in elementary school and vice-chairman of the student body; also vice-chairman in junior high school but he stopped after he got casted in the company because it felt too pressuring
  • the caring type that just embraces everyone
  • has an unexpected simple minded side in certain situations
  • members picked being classy and kindhearted as his biggest charms
  • doesn't use emoticons often because it's too 'digital'
  • would pick invisibility as his second superpower so he can go anywhere
  • can't leave the house without his mp3 player
  • if he wasn't an idol, he would be a teacher
  • named the mama that worries too much
  • voted the member with the most connections and most likely to get jealous ("a cute yet stubborn style")

suho the leader/vocalist

  • wanted to become a singer from a young age; casted during his 3rd year of middle school and trained diligently for seven years
  • "in junior high when I participated in public activities, it just happened that a singing and dance competition was being held next door, when I was looking at the competition from the side, suddenly someone gave me a card and told me to audition, and that’s how I started my 7 years of training.”
  • delegates a weekly family meeting with the members; only scolds them when they make a big mistake or act impolitely
  • keeps the members in check by buying them a lot of delicious food; specifically outback and chicken
  • came up with the chant 사랑하자 (let's love)!
  • jealous of kai’s teleportation skills, luhan’s psychokinesis, and tao’s time control.
  • members said he is in charge of the seriousness, the high class, the exemplary, the leading model and the magnanimity in the team
  • voted himself as number one in terms of being the official spokesperson


  • attends K-ARTS (Korea National University Of Arts)
    • ranked in the top 50 of the 400
    • likes to act as the role model child but also wants to try taking the role of a considerate big brother or a warm-hearted college student
    • also has to learn spear-fighting and how to play janggu
  • "I was always ranked in the 5 best students but since I had to train to become a singer, it was really hard."
  • voted by the other members as best at speaking chinese in exo-k
  • "Rather than my speciality, golfing is my hobby. When I was in middle school, it piqued my interest when I was at the fitness center and I even learnt how to play it for 6 months but my skills still aren’t good enough."



  • likes the avengers, batman, and superman
  • favorite song to sing at karaoke is 4men's baby baby
  • most memorable present he has received is the electric piano his parents got him for high school graduation; he thinks about his parents every time he plays it and feels very thankful
  • favorite romance movie is love actually; he often listens to the ost around christmas or valentine's day
  • likes evangelion
  • favorite chinese food is roasted duck
  • likes going to han river to run and riding his bike
  • enjoys listening to michael jackson, maroon 5, and bruno mars
  • admires a guy who carries themselves in a dignified manner, a guy who takes good care of his family
  • relates to the main character (charlie) in the movie perks of being a wildflower because he empathizes a lot with the protagonist who reminds him of himself during that time when he was preparing to be a singer
  • chose the Hollywood actor Jude Law as his role model. “I started to like him when I was watching his movie ‘A.I (Artificial Intelligence)’ in elementary school. Since then, I never forget to watch his movies. Especially ‘Closer’, it’s the one that I like the most.”


  • ideal type: on the outside a girl with long hair and literary interests and on the inside, a wild and cheerful girl
  • for a valentine's date he wants to go to the beach and make beautiful memories together
  • if he proposed: "I would announce it loudly in the middle of a crowded place like Myungdong. I’d say ‘I love you, accept my feelings.'"
  • "with girls I am very polite and mannered, more of a gentlemanly type"
  • once played piano, sang, and gave a necklace to his girlfriend at a coffee shop
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