• name kim joonmyun (김준면 / 金俊勉)
  • stage name suho (수호)
  • group EXO, EXO-K
  • birthdate 1991.05.22
  • horoscope gemini / sheep
  • height 173cm
  • weight 52kg
  • blood type ab
  • position EXO-K's leader and vocalist
  • power water
  • hobbies singing, swimming, acting, playing golf, cycling
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  • nicknames 준멘 (joonnmen), 준마 (joonma), 에수호트 (esuhort), sunnouncer, 면카엘 (myunchael), just rich, 준모마리아 (junmo maria), king of gentleness, joonmahao, 엄친아
  • habits makes clear pauses when he speaks, stutters when he's nervous, always shyly laughing, scrunches up his face when he gets excited(???),
  • hometown 강남
  • school attended/is on temporary absence at 한국예술종합학교 (2009~?)
  • family mom, dad, older brother (4y+)
  • pets
  • friends 샤이니's 종현, 태민, 민호; 슈퍼주니어's 이특, 동해, 규현
  • roommates sehun (past), kai and chen (past), baekhyun (present)
  • training period 7 years (2005~2012)
  • motto "know yourself"
  • signature
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  • role models dbsk, super junior, jude law
  • ideal type 이민정
  • favorite genre funk rock
  • favorite food sushi/김밥
  • favorite color gold, violet
  • favorite number 8
  • favorite movie pirates of the caribbean
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  • the weakest at betting
  • horrible at rock, paper, scissors
  • known for always using a polite and refined language and is a man who “keeps on the straight and narrow”
  • was class president in elementary school and vice-chairman of the student body; also vice-chairman in junior high school but he stopped after he got casted in the company because it felt too pressuring
  • the caring type that just embraces everyone
  • has an unexpected simple minded side in certain situations
  • members picked being classy and kindhearted as his biggest charms
  • doesn't use emoticons often because it's too 'digital'
  • would pick invisibility as his second superpower so he can go anywhere
  • can't leave the house without his mp3 player
  • if he wasn't an idol, he would be a teacher
  • named the mama that worries too much
  • voted the member with the most connections and most likely to get jealous ("a cute yet stubborn style")

suho the leader/vocalist

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"Until middle school, I was studying well, I was 2~3rd place in my class. Since I had to go to high school and carry out my trainee life at the same time, I put aside studying. But I still think that I was one of the best student among the friends doing arts and sports."

“I’m exemplary, polite and considerate.”

“I want to tell (the trainees) to go for it no matter how it is. People who try will succeed.”

"I’m of the style to work hard, even for small things."

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  • 꽃미남 연쇄 테러사건 (2007) / cameo
  • 세이빙산타 예고 (2013) / voice dub
  • 총리와 나 (2013) / cameo
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