• nicknames 준멘 (joonnmen), 준마 (joonma), 에수호트 (esuhort), sunnouncer, 면카엘 (myunchael), just rich, 준모마리아 (junmo maria), king of gentleness, joonmahao, 엄친아
  • habits makes clear pauses when he speaks, stutters when he's nervous, always shyly laughing, scrunches up his face when he gets excited(???),
  • hometown 강남
  • school attended/is on temporary absence at 한국예술종합학교 (2009~?)
  • family mom, dad, older brother (4y+)
  • pets
  • friends 샤이니's 종현, 태민, 민호; 슈퍼주니어's 이특, 동해, 규현
  • roommates sehun (past), kai and chen (past), baekhyun (present)
  • training period 7 years (2005~2012)
  • motto "know yourself"
  • signature
  • symbol
  • hand print
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aug 22 2014 +