"Until middle school, I was studying well, I was 2~3rd place in my class. Since I had to go to high school and carry out my trainee life at the same time, I put aside studying. But I still think that I was one of the best student among the friends doing arts and sports."

“I’m exemplary, polite and considerate.”

“I want to tell (the trainees) to go for it no matter how it is. People who try will succeed.”

"I’m of the style to work hard, even for small things."

“Because well begun is half done (laughs)” "The common motto we all attach importance to is ‘Training to give more than to receive’. You generally think that celebrities only receive, right? But we’re thinking that we are sharing the love we receive. To accomplish that we have done voluntary service since pre-debut."

“Of course there were hard times but since it was the music I liked and it was a period to reach my dream, I think it was fun and joyful. I once got hurt while dancing too, however I stayed with the members and I wouldn’t exchange that time I spent practicing against anything else. That time became my flesh and blood. Now I get to hear the fans’ cheers on stage but I think I get even more strength while being nervous when hearing that sound.”

"No matter what I do and where I do it, If I set a precise goal and work hard toward it, it’s going to get better."

<Suho’s user manual>: You’re doing well, you’re doing well, woojjujju (T/N: Sound you make to babies), praise me a lot please. Because compliments make Suho dance cheerfully.

"When you go through the trainee period during your adolescence, you become more cautious and you tend to save your words. Because you have to compete with other friends and in order to achieve the dream of a singer, you end up living a working lifestyle kind of life. Not that I had another job but doesn’t social life always make one tense and give the burden of having to complete something. Because I endured that since young, I think there is a part of me where I’m a little careful in everything I do."

"My character is pretty sensitive, the kind of person that likes to look at scenery and think about a lot of problems. Usually, I will watch a lot of movies or dramas, but I feel what touches me the most are documentaries, it resonates with me and makes me feel grateful."

"The happiness can be multiplied by 11, the sadness, divided by 11~ Because We Are One!!!"

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