be kind. be ridiculously, radically, endlessly kind. be a part of someone's good day. send nice thoughts, send positive vibes, send support and love and well wishes. be kind. so often we wish for tomorrow to be a good day when we are at our lowest. some sort of sign that it gets better. be a part of that better day for someone. the world does not magically decide that it will be softer on you today, tomorrow, the next day. and sometimes it starts with a message from someone else, maybe a little bit of inner strenght to pull yourself up and take a shower, maybe a bit of sunlight makes the day better. but it's these small things, these soft things that make a day better. so be kind. don't ever think about being anything other than kind. be a part of someone's good day because you don't know how desperate they might be for it.

feb 3 2018 ∞
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