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about: brazilian, 21, she/her, virgo, neutral good, communist & vegan.

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I have become like my mother where I don’t need sleep in a new city anymore, immune to time shifts, I just wander and buy fruit and almonds and a good loaf of bread and today, some fresh juice, […] In my Amsterdam apartment, I find a ceramic plate with its rim edge folded in five places where a violet petal has been painted at its compression. In it, I pour some olive oil and a little bit of salt and sit on the white couch overlooking the new neon green blooms gathering on a branch outside the large window

— Megan Fernandes, from “Amsterdam”

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  • call me: belle
  • birthdate: 06/09/2000
  • languages: português, english. atm i am studying 한국어
  • favorite book: a little life
  • favorite movie genre: drama
  • favorite season: aumtumn
  • favorite writers: ocean vuong, angela davis, sylvia plath
  • i like: korean music (txt! bts! iu!), fiction books, coffee, bread (with avocado!), mornings, the sky, the moon, poetry, true crime story, writing about life, singing, wine, animals, mango, apple with cinnamon, when i feel alive and luck to be.
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