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< things i’ve learned as i aged >

  • always be kind and empathic
  • speak your mind
  • know your hard limits
  • you're always you, so you better learn how to like yourself or things will be hard
  • dose your words
  • don't put the weight of saving yourself on someone else's shoulders
  • be careful of who is near you when you're drunk. if you feel yourself loosing control, go home
  • trust no man
  • feeling alone doesn't mean you are alone, it means you need to enjoy your own company atm
  • know when to leave
  • if your will is bigger than your fear, you're ready
  • hope is a dangerous thing, but necessary to go on
  • know what belongs to you
  • there's no one to blame, not even yourself
  • your disease was controlling you all the time, it's not your fault
  • every living creature on earth dies alone
  • everybody is dying anyway so fuck it
  • be careful of who you get envolved to
  • don't forget who you are no matter the circumstances
  • you’re no one and nobody will care about you unless you have the money
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