book :: crush (selected poems of richard siken)

    • from seaside improvisationyou wanted happiness, i can't blame you for that, and maybe a mouth sounds idiotic when it blathers on about joy but tell me you love this, tell me you're not miserable.
    • from litany in which certain things are crossed outdown the alley, around the arcade, up the stairs of the building to the little room with the broken faucets, your drawings, all your things, i looked out the window and said this doesn't look that much different from home.
    • from i had a dream about youthese are the dreams we should be having. i shouldn't have to clean them up like this.
    • from you are jeffdon't leave the room until i come back from the dead for you. i'll come back from the dead for you. .... keep talking. i'll keep walking toward the sound of your voice.

book :: selected poems of langston hughes

    • from i continue to dreamdo you understand my dreams? sometimes you say you do, and sometimes you say you don't. either way it doesn't matter. i continue to dream.
    • from silencein your silence every tone i seek is heard.

book :: the essential rumi

    • from a children's gamefrom books and words come fantasy.
    • from i have five things to sayfirst, when i was apart from you, the world did not exist, nor any other. second, whatever i was looking for was always you.
    • from be melting snowwash yourself of yourself.
    • from a great wagoncome to the orchard in spring. there is light and wine, and sweethearts in the pomegranate flowers. if you do not come, these do not matter. if you do come, these do not matter.
    • from a blocked roadyou are every image, and yet i'm homesick for you.
    • from constant conversationwhy live some soberer way and feel you ebbing out? i won't do it. either give me enough wine or leave me alone, now that i know how it is to be with you in a constant conversation.
    • from music masteryou would rather throw stones at a mirror? i am your mirror, and here are the stones.
    • from the private banquetwhich is worth more, a crowd of thousands, or your own genuine solitude? freedom, or power over an entire nation? a little while alone in your room will prove more valuable than anything else that could ever be given you.
    • from this we have nowthose come and go. this is the presence that doesn't.
    • from a dove in the eavesi don't care about marvelous sights! i only want to be in your presence.
    • from the arc of your malletthe way the night knows itself with the moon, be that with me. be the rose nearest to the thorn that i am.
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