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Disclaimer: My lists make me out to be much more of a loser than I really am.

I'm better at hiding my weird tendncies in the real world. :-)

ScottishMelody follows:
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Clubs to look out for/join so I can make friends (since I'm trasnfering to Glasgow Uni from Aberdeen Uni as a second year and all my friends are back in Aberdeen :( )

  • Music
    • Madrigirls (audition)
    • Celtic Music Group (?)
    • Music Club Choir OR Choral Society
    • Chamber Choir
  • Sport
    • Archery (does it exist?)
    • Dancemania OR Glasgow Student Dance Company (both are for beginners)
    • GU Scottish Country Dance Club (?)
    • Riding
  • Interest Clubs
    • Ossianic Club (GAELIC!! :D )
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jun 17 2010 +
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  • Work on Scottish history essay/future thesis idea
    • Plan out better
    • Flow better
    • Better sources and sourceing
    • Add Margaret Tudor (perfect example)
    • Add Mary I?
    • Better conclusion
    • Carry thought throughout the essay - Conclusion and Intorduction should have similar points
      • But the conclusion should expand on the similar points and draw a conclusion over the span of 11th century to 16th century
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jun 9 2010 +
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  • I am 18 and to this day I STILL love to play Nancy Drew games
  • I am obssesed with Strategy rpg games, games where you plan out cities and civilizations or you fight epic battles to gain territory (think Civilziations or Age of Empires)
  • I live and breathe Scottish history. I am in love with EVERYTHING Scottish.
  • I have so many goals for my life that I wish I could live forever
  • I want to be a Scottish history teacher in a Gaelic medium school promoting the language that I love so much. Gaelic is dying and I am willing to dedicate my life to saving it.
  • I want to name my pets after famous authors. :)
  • I am way too organized for my own good.
  • Color coding is the way of my life.
  • I love that I am so organized in my schoo...
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  • Box Sets:
    • Sex and the City
    • Gilmore Girls
    • Doctor Who (9th and 10th Doctors)
    • Torchwood
    • BBC Jane Austen Set
  • Films:
    • Amelie
    • The Covenant
    • Memoirs of a Geisha
    • House of Flying Daggers
    • Hero
    • 10 Things I Hate About You
    • City of Angels
    • V for Vendetta
    • Mists of Avalon
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jul 30 2010 +
  • BBC History
  • British Archaeology Magazine
  • Current Archaeology
  • History Today
  • History Scotland
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