"I just wanna tell you in as few words as possible, that you all, everybody individually, everybody in this room, anybody that you know, everybody that you’ve ever met, your parents, your friends, everybody… You guys should know this: you are the most beautiful thing on the face of this planet that you’ve ever discovered, okay? You need to understand that anything you wanna do in your life is possible, you’re capable of doing it because you’re fucking beautiful. This is amazing that you’re all here. And if I learned anything over the past eight years is that hard work means everything, nothing comes easy. All these things that you’ve always heard, everybody that sings songs about this shit, everybody that writes movies and it’s like “Hey, son! Nothing comes easy, alright?”, that shit is so true and I know we hear it too often for us to be, you know, understanding and believing it but I am telling you. Life is about ups and downs and I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: life would not be what it is and it wouldn’t make it all make sense if the ups were only ups. You gotta understand the downs, you guys are fucking beautiful, just remember that, okay? We’re here for too little of a time to be down on ourselves and to be sad for too often, okay? So, take the sadness, understand it and fucking turn it into that happiness and just enjoy walking outside and seeing those fucking palm trees, you know what I mean? You guys live in a beautiful place. Please take care of each other. Please take care of yourself most importantly.I just wanted to say, man, that if you’re feeling low, it’s worth it to push through. It’s so, so worth it. We are so fortunate to be given life and we’re just so fortunate to be here, man, and all I gotta say is just fucking push through. It gets better, I tell you what, it does. It gets better and it fucking makes sense when you’re through it, alright? So, please, just be strong for each other, be strong for yourself, alright? Because we all deserve to be here. No matter anybody says, no matter how you feel. You fucking deserve to be here."

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jan 7 2017 ∞
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