• this very momentday6 (young.k-centric) ✯ 713w ✯ waiting can leave you on edge, brian realizes.
  • something you want (say it, tell me)sonamoo (sumin/minjae) ✯ 654w ✯ minjae doesn't ask for much.
  • blue skies. white clouds.red velvet (yeri-centric) ✯ 3249w ✯ this is the story of the little girl who dreamed of flying.
  • curiosity got the best of meseventeen, up10tion (s.coups-centric) ✯ 1615w ✯ seungcheol thinks the leader of the new rookie group doesn't like him very much.
  • we want to keep smilingtwice, seventeen (tzuyu-centric) ✯ 1299w ✯ sometimes, tzuyu has to remind herself, it’s okay to miss home too.
  • melting pointgot7 (junior/jb) ✯ 5597w ✯ in even more hindsight, that pinky promise might have been a childish thing to do. in more than one way. jinyoung kind of regrets it, at least.
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