• 25. 91line. nb trans boy, he/him. florida. white. dragon.
  • video games (mostly mass effect atm), comics, anime, kpop, etc
  • ult biases: bang yongguk (husband), jun hyosung (wife), im hyunsik, ahn hani, im jaebum, seo yuna, choi seunghyun, yoon bora, park kyungri
  • i suffer from depression and anxiety, chronic illness and arthritis
  • if i say/do anything that upsets you, i'd really like it if you could come to me personally and explain what i did wrong in order for me to better myself as a person! all i want in life is to help people and be a good and productive member of society but i'm still learning!
  • please call me forest and johnny!!
  • please don't use terms like 'sis' and 'girlie' and 'queen' for me or any female-gendered word
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so, you've seen me, forest, tweeting a lot about jojo's bizarre adventure and you've thought to yourself, what in the hell? what is this? he seems to be having a good time, though, so how do i get in on this? but you're too confused and/or nervous to try and it and every time you try to find links to watch or read you get like four different results so what!!! the hell!!!

well, never fear, because i, forest, am here to help. as someone who has been into jojo's bizarre adventure for a month, i'm pretty sure i'm an expert at jojos?? just saying.

  • q: what is jojo's bizarre adventure??
  • a: jojo's bizarre advenutre is a manga series written and illustrated by hirohiko araki who has never seen a dog. it's been running since 1987 and has had an enormous impact on japanese popular culture no...
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  • hes rly nice
  • hes followed me for yrs and isnt tired of me yet
  • he reads my listography apparently
  • everything
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  • the kids will inherit their father's hair color EXCEPT f!morgan (mmu) who inherits their mom's
  • the kids will inherit their parents last learned/equipped skill EXCEPT chrom's kids who will always inherit aether (female) or rightful king (male) + mom's last learned skill
  • breakdown of skills here
  • G A L E F O R C E lets you take another action after a successful kill and can be super helpful on harder maps/difficulties so thats why theres such an emphasis on it
  • ignis is a bitchin' skill that are only available to mu's kids (mu can pass down and/or morgan can learn themself)
  • chrom has 2 marry someone at the end of ch 11 so if hes not marry he will marry whoever he has the highest support w who isnt marry or random unnamed villager if al...
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aug 5 2016 +

【 playing 】

  • overwatch
  • dragon age: inquisition (replaying)
  • ace attorney (1st game)
  • fallout 4
  • fallout: new vegas
  • mirror's edge

【 reading 】

  • ash by malina lo
  • lair of dreams by libba bray
  • jojo's bizarre adventures (vento aureo)

【 watching 】

  • jojo's bizarre adventures (diamond is unbreakable)
  • steven universe
  • d.gray-man hallow

【 listening 】

  • the adventure zone
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nov 9 2016 +
  • more like the neo-nightshot canon i.e younger misfits, rae/bella pretending to be dead, casper exists
  • the misfits: the first game wherein rae and the misfits team up w her ex boyfriend to attempt to expose michael chaplan's treachery only to be betrayed and martyr herself
  • the misfits: sabre city renegades: follow sarah baxter as she attempts to reunite the shattered misfits and leads a new team of heroes in a sabre city that has become controlled by the corrupt checkmate lead by michael chaplan while trying to retrieve the stolen corpse of rae williams from the supervillains.
  • the misfits 3: from ashes wherein rae williams returns from the dead with the help of her time traveling progeny casper lee and rallies the city (and country and world) behind her to overthrow the rapidly ...
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dec 14 2016 +
  • im nnot sure what being a grad student entails. work? i feel like its work
  • changsubs friends who are in happy relationships (minkwang/ilsik) ownt stop trying to set him up w ppl and its getting annoying
  • sungjae works in the school library so cs sees him a lot and hes also annoying but its fine
  • cs asks him to be his fake bf adn expects to have to bribe him but sj is like that sounds funny ok ill do it
  • ????
  • they end up dating for real
  • at some point jaebum is going to invite cs to a party but this is just an excuse to tell ppl jb and hs used to date
jun 30 2015 ∞
aug 5 2016 +


  • jojo's bizarre engagement | rated: strong t | modern au, Joseph had no idea what he'd hoped to achieve by fake proposing to Caesar on a whim, but it sure as hell wasn't this. AKA the one where everyone thinks they're already dating and Joseph's practical joke goes terribly wrong.
  • kiss you | rated: g | short but sweet, “I’m so happy if I didn’t have this stupid mask on, I’d kiss you!” Joseph says, half-laughing half-crying.
  • hey nineteen | rated: e | the tequila joseph/caesar blowjob fic
  • don't let him go | rated: m | i haven't read this one but it gets recced A LOT but its wip and hasnt been updated since last novemeber ??? so
  • don't stand so close to me | rated: e | In which Caesar is an Italian 100 TA who's kind of a hardass, and Joseph is annoyed.
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【 ariana/alistair 】

  • elanor theirin, eldest, grey warden, warrior
  • bryce theirin, second eldest, crown prince, warrior
  • duncan theirin, third eldest, ranger, griffon rider
  • aliana theirin, youngest, bard, probably the best choice to inherit the crown

【 thyra/leliana 】

  • ?

【 raylan/zevran 】

  • caerwyn tabrinai, elf, rogue, assassin, liberated from the crows at age 6
  • lorien tabrinai, human, mage, liberated from templars at age 9
  • vaxian tabrinai, qunari, warrior, found on the side of the road as a baby

【 garrett/fenris】

aug 7 2016 ∞
aug 7 2016 +
  • eon / eona by alison goodman | follows the story of eona, a 16 yo girl masquerading as a boy to study the art of dragon magic. main character is disabled, takes place in a lovingly researched fantasy china, features a genderqueer character. one of my faves in like 2012ish, but i havent read it in a while!!! but dragons.
  • leviathan by scott westerfeld | shockingly another story about a girl crossdressing to follow her dreams, takes place during steampunk/fantasy wwi where the axis powers have giant mechanical machines and the allies have genetically engineered..animal....war machines....it makes sense in context this one is a series but i only ever read the first like....book and a half
  • incarceron by catherine fisher | steampunky ya lit about a living prison and two people's journey to overthrow society i ha...
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aug 5 2016 +
  • 2ne1 2nd mini album
  • 4minute crazy - jihyun photocard
  • aoa like a cat - chanmi photocard
  • aoa heart attack - seolhyun/jimin photocard
  • b.a.p live on earth 2013 dvd
  • b.a.p 2nd adventure dvd - zelo photocard
  • b.a.p warrior mini album
  • b.a.p one shot mini album - himchan photocard
  • b.a.p stop it mini album
  • b.a.p badman mini album - daehyun photocard
  • b.a.p first sensibility - himchan photocard, traded for yongguk
  • b.a.p matrix (regular edition) - daehyun photocard
  • b.a.p matrix (shishimato edition)
  • b.a.p jp excuse me mini album - jongup photocard
  • bigbang made series 'a' - taeyang photoca...
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