gekkan shoujo nozaki-kun by tsubaki izumi

  • ongoing manga // one season anime
  • the romantic misadventures of high school student, chiyo sakura.
  • basta funny. i love them.

kaguya-sama wa kokurasetai: tensaitachi no renai unousen by aka akasaka

  • ongoing manga // two seasons anime (third coming soon)
  • two high school geniuses, shirogane and kaguya, can't admit they're in love, so each tries to win a confession of affection from the other.
  • season 2 episode 2 ata yon puta my guts. very funny and realistic highschool student thoughts ganon

mairimashita, senpai by azusa mase

  • finished manga
  • serina arrives at school one day to discover her desk has been vandalized—someone's scratched the lyrics to a love song on it...and that someone turns out to be mizukawa-senpai, a boy who's one year her senior. she wants to get to know him better, but if his frosty demeanor is any indication, she doesn't have a chance! but it seems he might be awkward—not simply mean—and before she knows it, she's asking him out...! with each passing day, her heart races a little faster!
  • i am obsessed with this. mizukawa is probably my dream man.
  • compared to other shoujo mangas, we actually see them get togther by chapter 1! so basically you watch how their relationship develops.

yubasaki to renren by morishita suu

  • ongoing manga
  • the pure love story of a hearing-impaired woman and a man who travels the world.
  • morishita suu writes the best shoujo and this is no exception

raise wa tanin ga ii by konishi asuka

  • ongoing manga
  • somei yoshino is a high school girl who was born and raised in a yakuza family, but that hasn't stopped her from living a peaceful life—that is, until meeting her fiancee, miyama kirishima!
  • she is so cool. yoshino please step on me!

harukaze no etranger by kanna kii

  • ongoing manga
  • prequel manga: umibe no etranger (it has a movie!)
  • shun and mio connected on their small island near okinawa, leading to a friendship and eventual romance. but shun’s quiet home by the seaside started with pain–he left his hometown after his parents disowned him for being gay. ff shun returns home with mio. follow them!
  • real family goodness. if you want something a bit domesticated, then this is your guy!

your shoujo starter pack (aka the og shoujo)

  • tonorai no kaibutsu-kun by robico (finished manga // one season)
  • ao haru ride by sakisaka io (finished manga // one season)
  • kimi ni todoke by shiina karuho (finished manga // two seasons anime)
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