blue period by tsubasa yamaguchi

  • ongoing manga // one season anime
  • the studious yatora leaves a dry life of study and good manners behind for a new passion: painting. but untethering yourself from all your past expectations is dangerous as well as thrilling...
  • a relatable guy! he's so real and i can't stress this enough. HE'S JUST LIKE ME fr fr(and he's also a second-year uni student!)

skip to loafer by misaki takamatsu

  • ongoing manga // anime adaptation announced
  • excellent student mitsumi has always dreamt about leaving her small town, going to a prestigious university, and changing the world. but she’s so focused on reaching her goals that she’s not prepared for the very different (and overwhelming) ...
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haikyuu!! by haruichi furudate

  • finished manga // four seasons anime
  • a volleyball manga
  • if you're really my friend, then you'll consume this char
  • 10000/10 sweaty boys with a heart

chihayafuru by suetsugu yuki

  • ongoing manga // three seasons anime
  • centered around the sport karuta and follows the story of a young girl named chihaya as well as the friends and rivals she meets along the way.
  • what the hell is karuta?! di ko din alam tbh i don't get the rules that much but what a game! the anime explains the game really well tho
  • if you ever decide to watch this, know that taichi is far better than that! be patient
  • still debating if this is a sports animan...
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gekkan shoujo nozaki-kun by tsubaki izumi

  • ongoing manga // one season anime
  • the romantic misadventures of high school student, chiyo sakura.
  • basta funny. i love them.

kaguya-sama wa kokurasetai: tensaitachi no renai unousen by aka akasaka

  • ongoing manga // two seasons anime (third coming soon)
  • two high school geniuses, shirogane and kaguya, can't admit they're in love, so each tries to win a confession of affection from the other.
  • season 2 episode 2 ata yon puta my guts. very funny and realistic highschool student thoughts ganon

mairimashita, senpai by azusa mase

  • finished manga
  • serina arrives at school one day to disco...
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