haikyuu!! by haruichi furudate

  • finished manga // four seasons anime
  • a volleyball manga
  • if you're really my friend, then you'll consume this char
  • 10000/10 sweaty boys with a heart

chihayafuru by suetsugu yuki

  • ongoing manga // three seasons anime
  • centered around the sport karuta and follows the story of a young girl named chihaya as well as the friends and rivals she meets along the way.
  • what the hell is karuta?! di ko din alam tbh i don't get the rules that much but what a game! the anime explains the game really well tho
  • if you ever decide to watch this, know that taichi is far better than that! be patient
  • still debating if this is a sports animanga, but season 1 is such a cliche sports anime formula.

bakuten by kuroyanagi toshimasa

  • one season anime + movie (2022)
  • gymnastics anime! follow ao high boys gymnastics club and their sheninagans
  • follows the sports anime formula. funniest shit and also, corny, but i love it so much <3

tsurune by yamamura takuya

  • one season anime + one ova + movie (2022)
  • minato played japanese archery (kyudo) in middle school, but after a certain incident, he ran away from the sport. in high school, minato meets new friends, and together as part of their school's archery club they aim to win the prefectural tournament.
  • the elegance and beauty of life. umeuro yuuto supremacy lol

yuri!!! on ice by yamamoto sayo

  • one season + prequel movie (not yet released)
  • ice skating

re-main by matsudo kiyoshi

  • one season
  • water polo

hoshiai no sora by akane kazuki

  • one season
  • soft tennis (doubles)
  • more slice of life tbh

run with the wind by nomora kazuya

  • one season
  • running
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