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despite how nami gets irritated at his irrational thinking and short attention span, she cares for, trusts, and respects luffy very much as her captain. she views him as a great source of strength and comfort and he often serves as an emotional anchor for her during times of crisis. through his continued selfless actions prior to her official entry into the crew, luffy has proven the most responsible for changing her opinion of pirates, showing her that not all pirates simply act out of their own selfish ambitions without regards for others. when she fell ill, luffy desparately tried to help nami the only ways he knew how (he consistently stayed by her side, attempted to get her to smile, and carried her on his back) and became sad when he wasn't successful. she is also one of the people luffy trusts the most as she is the only one he gives his straw hat to hold on to when he fights.

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