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mar 15 2016 ∞
mar 15 2016 +


  • Kiss me if it's real | AU, NC-17. | The last think Seokjin expects is for one of their members to have a tail.


  • Daredevil | AU, R, 4.8k. Warning: genderswitch. | Kim Taeyoung could never turn down a dare - even a dare to kiss the group's token bitter, sarcastic lesbian at a drunken get-together.
  • That which runs deep in my heart | AU, 16.8k. | Nothing hurts more than our secrets.
  • Tiny Yoongles | AU |♥♥| taegi with pocket tae?
  • No more sleepovers, damn it | AU, 1.3k. |♥| Jimin just wants his bed back.
  • Upside down | AU, 1.8k. | Taehyung was young and needy. Yoongi knew it, and on the nights when he was more honest with himself, he admitted that he liked it. On honest nights, with his face pressed into the pillow, or Taehyung's shoulder, with his legs spread and his throat raw from crying 'fuck, Tae' over and over again, never really sure if it was a command or a plea, on those nights Yoo...
mar 16 2016 ∞
aug 2 2017 +


  • Better put your fingers back to the keys... | AU, PG-13, 11k. Warning: slight sexual interactions under the influence of alcohol (but no sex!). |♥♥| Yoongi and Seokjin are graduating, Namjoon's life is falling apart, Hoseok shows Jungkook hentai, Taehyung sleeps, and Jimin wants them all to go on a road trip. So they do.
  • I dream in the shape of your mouth | AU, 16.9k. |♥| Seokjin spends a lot of time in the library. Now, Namjoon does too. Taemin tries to summon Satan, and Jimin is a fuckboy.
  • Trouble in paradise | 15k. | Bangtan have to do a cute concept, which isn't nearly as much fun as it sounds.
  • Secret Recipe | AU, 3.6k. | Plenty of people read Jin's blog, thank you very much.
  • Before things come together | AU, 31k. | Namjoon didn't expect to run into the TA from his philosophy class at the gay bar Taehyung and Jimin drag him to, he really didn't expect him to look this nice o...
mar 16 2016 ∞
aug 2 2017 +


  • Like everybody else | NC-17, 10k. Warning: daddy kink, underage sex, kink discovery, very minor praise kink, underage Jeongguk. | He probably hadn't meant to say it. Had he? Maybe it had just been a slip of the tongue.
  • Untold desires|♥| Hoseok doesn't see Jungkook that way.
  • Notion | R, 1.3k. Warnings: slight mention of masturbation (underage), lil' bit of teenage angst. | Jeongguk has a crush.
  • The world is in your palm now so take a ... | AU, 5.4k. | I can't do this," Jungkook hisses to Jimin, eyes following Hoseok who makes his way to the table.
  • You are my only one | AU, 1.8k. | One thing no one could understand was the shy junior who would wait every day beside hoseok’s locker, fiddling with his too-long sleeves and gnawing fiercely on his bottom lip.


  • Cheer factor | PG-13, 1.2k. | There is a certain peace in having the...
mar 15 2016 ∞
may 15 2016 +


  • Closeness | AU, G, 1.1k. | “you’re the one person that can do my elaborate stage makeup so every night you spend half an hour in close proximity to my face and I am Distressed”
  • At least we'll both be numb | NC-17 | Namjoon is leader. Leader’s aren’t supposed to think these things about their members.


  • (Love is an open door that smacks you in... | AU, PG, 1k. | Kim Seokjin doesn't start his senior year the way he expects.
  • Shaking inside my bones | (side story to Bad moon rising) AU, NC-17(pwp), 1.9k. | For better or for worse, everyone gets better at this. It’s practice. It doesn’t quite make perfect but it gets pretty damn close.
  • Watchers of the eternal flame | AU, 16k. |♥| Jimin goes to Rio de Janeiro to live his passion. He leaves Rio de Janeiro having found his dream.


mar 16 2016 ∞
may 15 2016 +


  • This summer’s crazy, man | AU, PG-13, 4.2k. Warnings: underage drinking and minors kissing under the influence of alcohol. | Jungkook is cool, calm, and confident, and Jimin is sick of it. High school dance crew AU, sort of.
  • Home | AU, PG-13, 20k. |♥| One day Jimin and Yoongi come across an abandon wolf in the woods
  • Myself; yourself | (side Seokjin/Taehyung) AU, PG-13. |♥| The story of Jungkook's life, family, and friends.
  • Secret weapon | PG-13, 600w. | Jimin is sick and tired of Jeon fucking Jeongguk.
  • The circle | AU, R. | In a world in which templars and mages are at odds with each other Jungkook learns who you are isn't always the same as who you want to be.
  • The ocean at the end of the universe | AU, NC-17, 13k. Warning: blood. | It's hard to find just one person in a sea of stars.
  • There’s no middle ground, but I can do... | AU, PG, 5.2k. | Jimin crushes on the new vocalist and deals with it really stupidly.
  • (You’re my genie, Lamborghini you’re... | AU, NC-17, 7.8k. |♥♥| You know those people who say t...
mar 16 2016 ∞
aug 2 2017 +


  • (Detonate me, granulate me kill me like ... | AU, NC-17, 47k. Warning: alpha/beta/omega dynamics, human experimentation. | The year is 5191. Scientists from the Paradisus Institute have discovered ways to fuse animal DNA to humans, creating a new race of hybrids. (Hybrids!AU)
  • (Don't think about it too much too much,... | AU, PG-15, 2.6k. Warning: hints at sex. | He leans forward and kisses Jimin hard, dropping the grocery bags and kissing him with that same rushed urgency he’d felt when Taehyung was going away, even though he’d only known him for minutes, half an hour at best. A panic, like if he doesn’t do this, he’ll regret it forever.
  • Melt in your mouth (not in your hands) | AU, NC-17, 7.3k. | What happens at a rave stays at a rave—except this one.
  • Swamp Magic | AU, 108k. |♥♥♥| Two witches lure Jungkook into their cabin in the woods.


mar 16 2016 ∞
aug 2 2017 +